Human Rights Day event held at Diepsloot

Human Rights Day Diepsloot 1

The Human Rights event was held at Diepsloot on the 14th of March 2018, to celebrate Humans Rights month at the Diepsloot Combined School with the grade seven learners. The event was held in collaboration with other stakeholders namely SANCA, SADAG and SAPS.
The theme of the Human Rights event is bullying and the effects of bullying on learners. Each organisation presented on the services offered by their organisation that address the issue of bullying. It was further explained why bullying is regarded as a human right violation. The children were given examples of the different forms of bullying and the actions the learners need to take to end bullying. The new phenomenon that is called “bullicide”, was explained where learners decide to take their lives because of being bullied. The children participating in the event was very keen and excited to be part of the discussion. They stated that they are being bullied by their peers and that bullying is a reality in the school. The children pledged to stand together with civil society and their teachers to take a stand against bullying. The children were given string bags by NCVT for participating in the discussion.


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