Human Rights Day event held at Zandspruit Primary School.

In celebration of Human Rights Day, on the 15th of March 2018, an event was held at Zandspruit Primary School.

The event was divided into two sections;

  • Section 1 was for all learners and was addressed at the schools assembly’s point.
  • Section 2 was done with the grade 6 & 7 learners and was done as a dialogue with each and every class within these grades. The total number of classes was 10; five classes for each grade, approximately 1100 learners were involved.

The event was held with other stakeholders namely SANCA, City of Johannesburg, and SAPS. The theme of the Human Rights event was bullying and the adverse effects on learners and the community as a whole. Each organisation gave a presentation on the services offered by their organisation in respect of bullying. It was also explained to the learners why bullying is regarded as a Human Rights violation.

The learners were given the opportunity to share their understanding of bullying, as well as the effects on a learner (child) who has been bullied. They also learnt of the consequences that bullies would face.

Other teachers shared their views, indicating how NCVT’s psycho social services would help to eradicate the challenges that their school is facing. Teachers mentioned that other learners who are currently scared to share their experiences would become aware of the channels for speaking out and getting help.

The children were given string bags by NCVT for their participation in the dialogue.  Addressing the learners 01 Learners 02 Interaction with learners 01

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