Human Rights Day event at Roodepoort Primary School

  • Learner interacting with an NCVT Social Worker
  • NCVT & SANCA talking to the learners
  • Human Rights Day Roodepoort Primary 02
  • Human Right Day Roodepoort Primary 01

As part of National Children and Violence Trust’s (NCVT) activities around Human Rights Day, a talk was held at Roodepoort Primary School.

The topics discussed were:

  • Know your Rights and Responsibilities
  • Bullying and the effects of bullying

In addition to NCVT, SAPS (Roodepoort) and SANCA Soweto were also present, and explained to the learners the different services that they offered. They spoke about the different types of drugs, and the treatment they offered through their (SANCA) rehabilitation centres, for those who wanted to stop using drugs.

The NCVT Social Worker explained to the learners the different forms of bullying, and the effects bullying had on the victims. They advised that bullying is a violation of Human Rights, and that learners have a responsibility and duty to report bullying to the relevant authorities.

The learners were also informed about their Rights and Responsibilities.

During the talks learners were encouraged to ask questions. There was also a question and answer session where, if the learner answered the question correctly, a prize was given.Human Right Day Roodepoort Primary 01Learner interacting with an NCVT Social Worker

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