Deputy Minister celebrates World Aids Day in Diepsloot

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As part of their 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, and encouraging a 0 percent HIV/Aids new infection rate, the event was organised by the National Children and Violence Trust (NCVT) in conjunction with New Start, South Africa’s largest non-profit HIV prevention programme.

Speaking during the event, Mkhize inspired guests to look for solutions within the community to combat HIV/Aids. She also encouraged community members to register co-operatives to uplift the community in which they are living.

“The Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services aims to leverage off of different channels of communication to promote awareness and encourage prevention of the spread of the disease,” said Mkhize.

New Start was onsite demonstrating how to use different contraception methods, including the newly introduced female condom. The non-profit organisation shared the importance of consistent HIV/Aids treatment to extend one’s life expectancy.

“Parents attending the event were also encouraged to disclose their children’s HIV status to their educators as this information could save another child’s life,” said Bridget Seabi, a social worker at NCVT.

During the session, attendees raised concerns as to what to do if their partners did not want to be tested. In response, members of NCVT and New Start emphasised communication between partners and offered voluntary HIV/Aids counselling and testing.

“We are grateful to everyone who took the time to come and commemorate World Aids Day with us. NCVT provides counselling to survivors of gender-based violence and child abuse in Diepsloot and other communities; we were very happy to visit Mompati Crèche in order to help educate and equip community members with much-needed information to help combat social issues such as HIV/Aids,” said Seabi.

To close the event on a healing note, NCVT senior social worker, Judith Mthombeni, led the candle lighting ceremony in remembrance of those who are infected and affected by HIV/Aids. – Fourways Review – 04 Dec 2015

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